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We are Desert Pro Home Buyers and we buy houses in Arizona directly from the owner for cash.

Why? The quick answer is that we have a blast remodeling houses and it’s very rewarding. The last thing we want is to make it a headache to sell your house to us. There’s another reason I’ll explain later.

Think about the last time you toured a model home. I usually think DANG I wish my house looked like this.

Clean.. upgraded with all the most expensive options.. staged to perfection..

Well, we buy homes in Arizona and actually get to make them look like that!

There is a small but critical difference, however.

Luxury Home Remodel

We don’t just upgrade for the sake of upgrading. While we take great pride in our rehabs, we want to get the best bang for our buck which keeps our repair costs down. If you’ve read about how we calculate our offers already, you know what that means. Higher offers of course!

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More importantly..

We Actually Care!

This isn’t just a way to make money, although that is important. This is a way to build up our communities, help people who need what we offer, and promote humanity beyond real estate.

The most important thing to us…

is that we do the right thing for you. Seriously. We are a great option for many and recognize we are just that – an option. If we think there’s a better one for you we will say it. In fact, we’ve talked people out of selling their house before. Either way, the decision will be completely in your hands.

We are NOT going to send some schmuck over to work with you.

It will be one of the faces you’ve seen on this site who represent our core values, who care about making the homeowner the priority, and are experts in real estate.

We Promise To Be Fair And Transparent

A Legitimate House Buying Company

Desert Pro Home Buyers buys homes for cash for investment purposes. Our cash offers are based on fair market values and we do our best to make offers that work. Since we use our own cash we are not dependent upon financial institutions to approve our purchase which allows us to be fast and flexible.

Promoting Humanity

Our mission is to build a business that helps people in need so we can help even more people in need. We believe local non-profits are invaluable to communities they serve and deserve our support. They have lower overhead which means more of the donations go right to the people in need. They are also at higher risk of shutting down without that support. The happiness that comes from serving others is what they live for. Passionate community members who dedicate their time and energy into something that lifts others up, in whatever way that is, have our deepest respect.

Here Are Some Local Non-Profits Run By Great People:

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul: dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals and families in our community who have nowhere else to turn for help

Manes and Miracles: Improving the lives of those with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities by providing a first-rate therapy facility

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