3 Best Options For Selling Your House

Selling your home can be an easy process or a hard process depending on the team you have behind you. Selling your house for cash can be a good option if you need to quickly move out of an area or need money to purchase another house. Selling with a real estate agent can usually get you top dollar, but the process is a bit more involved, having people go through your house and waiting for it to close. Your other option would be to sell your house by yourself, also known as For Sale By Owner.  Selling your home yourself has a lot of pros and cons to consider against the other two methods. Listing your home can be fast, easy, or cheap, but rarely all three. Let’s explore the best way to get the result you want.

Cash Offers

Selling your house for cash, or accepting a cash offer, most often involves a wholesaler or investor looking to expand their portfolio. These individuals are constantly looking for homes to rent out and are a good source for a quick close. You will want to make sure you can trust the individual or company to follow through before you agree to sell it to them.

cash offer option

Circumstances that may lead to this specific path would be if your home needs a large amount of repairs, or if a life situation has forced you to move out quickly and you don’t have time to go through the other methods. Quick closing, no repairs, and a relatively pain free experience may be some factors in choosing to go this route.

Real Estate Agent

Listing your home with a Real Estate Agent is the traditional way of selling your home, and for good reason. Top Real Estate Agents, know their markets well and should be able to give you a Competitive Market Analysis for your home. Your agent will take care of showing your house to potential buyers, marketing it, and setting up Title and Escrow for your transaction. Essentially, they help coordinate all the moving pieces and hold your hand through it.

Listing your home with a Real Estate Agent can be more time consuming than selling for cash, but you will often end up with more money in your pocket than you would with other methods and there are some protections you get using their contracts that others may not offer. Again, be sure to work with an agent you can trust to meet your needs.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

for sale by owner

The third option for selling your home would be to sell the house yourself. Doing so can save you money by reducing or eliminating fees associated to working with real estate agents. This strategy works well if you already have an interested buyer, who you know and trust personally. You can call any title company and they should be able to set up title and escrow for you. It is important to note you will have to come to an agreement with your buyer beforehand, as title will only follow the instructions you give to them. Listing your property, taking your own photos, negotiating your own contract, can be a daunting task, but those who are up to the challenge may find themselves making a bit more by saving on fees.

Do you want sell your home for Cash? List it with an Agent? For sale by owner? The choice is yours to make and they all have their pros and cons. Selling for cash may net you the fastest return. Listing with an agent gives you a higher dollar amount than selling for Cash. Selling your home yourself can be a challenge, but may end up leaving you better off than the other options. If any of these interest you and you’d like the help of our Agents or Investors, Please contact Desert Pro Home Buyers at (480) 878-3500 for a free consultation. We can help you figure out what path is right for you.

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